Reefer Fuel Delivery By Tec Fuel

When it comes to reefer fuel delivery, Tec Fuel does what we do best -- timely delivery of the product you need. Keep your reefers running and your perishables fresh with Tec Fuel.

What is Reefer Fuel?

Reefer fuel is red dye diesel used for off-road use. It works the same as the standard diesel but is dyed red for identification purposes. The standard diesel or gasoline is subjected to tax, as it’s used for on-road equipment or vehicles. Reefer fuel or dyed fuel is used for off-road equipment such as the refrigeration of reefer trucks. Because the fuel is used to power the refrigeration itself and not the truck’s machines, it won’t be subjected to tax by the government.

Reefer fuel or dyed diesel is usually used by industries like restaurants, grocery stores, or food storage warehouses. It can be used for generators to power up establishments or refrigerators. If your business uses off-road fuel, it’s essential to know the use of dyed diesel and its difference from the usual gasoline or diesel fuel. This way, you can save money from the added tax for using on-road diesel.

What Is The Difference Between Reefer Fuel and Diesel Fuel?

Reefer fuel is a particular form of diesel fuel that is color red. It’s cheaper than the regular diesel as it’s not subjected to tax. Using it won’t hurt a pickup or a truck, but using it on-road can result in fines if detected by the government.
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Reefer Fuel Delivery
Reefer Fuel Delivery

Why a Reefer Refueling Solution is Critical For Business

A well-operating reefer is paramount for product safety. If your business involves keeping your products fresh or maintaining top-quality stock in your grocery store, it means a reliable refrigeration system is critical to your operation. If you rely on a reefer to keep your business operational or your perishable goods in top condition, you cannot risk running out of fuel. With Tec Fuel, you will never have this problem. We offer the best reefer refueling solutions for your business.

For Your Reefer Refueling Needs, You Can Trust Tec Fuel 100%

When it comes to refrigerated fuel, there’s no room for error. Tec Fuel provides fuel delivery when you need it, where you need it. We know how critical it is to have fuel delivered on time. Especially with perishable goods, they require trailers with reliable refrigeration. If you’re looking for a name you can trust for diesel delivery that never fails, you can count on Tec Fuel.
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We’re Here For You 24/7/365

Tec Fuel takes pride in a team of experts ready to help you in all your fuel needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can keep your reefers running so your trailers are cold when you need them. Our competitive pricing, fresh diesel, and dedicated professionals are only some of the reasons we’re on top of the game. Work with us and begin experiencing the perks of our exceptional service.
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  • Why Work With Us?

    Never take chances with your cargo

    When your products and sales are at risk, you can’t take chances with your cargo. Your reefer trailers and generators running out of fuel are out of the equation. We'll take care of this!
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  • Partner with us and work with fuel professionals

    With our team of professionals working diligently to provide exceptional service, your trailer tank will be kept full around the clock.
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  • Receive robust reporting

    Getting access to detailed reports on your fuel spending can help you identify the refueling solution for your business. Tec Fuel provides robust reporting so that you can save time and money on your fuel deliveries.
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