Industries We Serve

At Tec Fuel, we serve a wide range of industries, providing emergency and regular fuel delivery services. Whether you need on-site fuel delivery or want us to fill up your tanks with diesel, gasoline, and other fuels, we can help. Being a reliable fuel delivery company in the midwest, we primarily provide our services to the following industries.

Construction Sites

Construction sites have high fuel requirements, with some fleets using hundreds of gallons of diesel a day. At Tec Fuel, we provide off-road diesel to construction sites, filling up your trucks, storage tanks, and equipment whenever and wherever you want. Our diesel fuel delivery is available for the following:
• Construction equipment
• Generators
• Storage tanks
• Skid tanks
• Trucks

The diesel fuel delivery service we provide depends on your needs. Here are some options

• Direct Fueling: If you opt for this, we travel to the construction site and refuel your fleet. Direct-to-equipment refueling lowers labor costs for you since there's no need for extra personnel to unload fuel.
• Emergency Fueling: Natural disasters and power outages can disrupt your operations. Our emergency fuel delivery services are there to help you get back on track.
 Bulk Delivery: We also provide bulk fuel delivery for your on-site storage tanks. Bulk delivery is ideal if you want to prepare for a busy season or need to store fuel for long-term use.

We do not merely provide fuel for residential and commercial construction sites. Our services also extend to landscaping crews, heavy equipment operations, resource locations, and road construction sites.

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Grocery Stores

Grocery stores need a constant supply of fuel to keep refrigerators, generators, and other appliances running. Tec Fuel provides fuel delivery services to major grocery stores in the midwest.
As a trusted fuel delivery company in the region, we fill up your reefers during holiday seasons or in an emergency to ensure your operations run smoothly. Our fuel delivery services include:

 • Emergency Fuel Delivery: Refrigeration systems are essential for grocery stores. Even if there's a short-term power outage, the perishable items can go to waste. It results in monetary loss for the store. But thanks to our emergency fuel delivery, you won't have to worry about such incidents.
• Regular Fuel Delivery: Running out of fuel is one of the biggest problems in grocery stores. We make sure that these outlets have a steady supply of fuel throughout the year. You can get in touch with us for regular fuel delivery.
• Generator Fueling: We also offer on-site generator fueling services for grocery stores. Keeping your generators filled with fuel will help you tackle any emergency or natural disaster without incurring losses.

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Event Rental Companies

Event rental companies need fuel to power their generators, lighting equipment, and vehicles. Whether you're hosting a small wedding or a large concert, Tec Fuel can provide the fuel you need.
We provide bulk or one-time fuel delivery for your equipment. All you have to do is choose the frequency of fueling. If you select ongoing fueling, let us know your schedule. We will make sure that your events run without a hitch.
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Service Companies

Unlike some other fuel delivery companies, Tec Fuel also serves service companies, such as HVAC, plumbers, movers, etc. We offer fuel delivery services to small, medium, and large organizations.
Our service primarily includes filling up your bulk tanks and fleets with gasoline and diesel. Additionally, we deliver Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to service companies' vehicles. We also provide bulk delivery in totes, barrels, and jugs.
Since Tec Fuel provides detailed invoices for every fuel delivery, service companies can keep a clear track of their fuel expenses. That makes audits a breeze.
Our pricing is based on how frequently our clients request our services. Since service companies are regularly in need of fuel, they can expect lower rates as our rates decrease with an increase in fueling frequency.

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Landscaping Companies

Landscaping companies need fuel for their commercial mowers, trimmers, and other machinery. Many of the landscaping machines are diesel or gasoline-run.
At Tec Fuel, we keep your equipment and fleets filled with the required fuel at all times. If you don't have extensive needs, you can set up one-time fuel delivery. But if you want to store the fuel for future use, we also provide bulk delivery options.


Tec Fuel also offers diesel fuel delivery directly to locomotives, such as those used for freight or transport services. We make sure that your locomotives have enough fuel to run over long distances without having to stop to refuel.
We also fill your equipment in your yard or any other location. The best part is that you do not have to be there for delivery. In fact, many of our clients prefer fuel delivery during the night when they're not working.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Fuel Do You Deliver?

We deliver regular diesel, off-road diesel, gasoline, and diesel exhaust fluid. Let us know which equipment or vehicle you need to fuel, and we will provide the required fuel.

What Makes You Different From Other Fuel Delivery Companies?

For one, we offer low-cost fuel delivery for service companies. We also serve specialized clients, such as locomotives and event rental companies. Our on-site fueling services save you labor costs and hassle. Instead, our experts will travel to your location to fill up your storage tanks, reefers, generators, or vehicles. We are also EPA-compliant, ensuring the highest standards of fuel quality testing and fuel inspection.

Which Areas Do You Serve?

We serve the midwestern region. You can go through our location page to determine if your business location is in our range of delivery.

What Is Your Fuel Monitoring System?

We have a fuel monitoring system that alerts you if the fuel levels in your generators or equipment are critically low. Early detection helps avoid fuel unavailability in the case of an emergency. You can get in touch with us to set up automatic fuel delivery or refuel on demand. If you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out.

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