Commercial Fuel Delivery

Commercial businesses, such as food and grocery, landscaping, moving companies, waste management, event management, and construction industries, have a constant need for fuel. At Tec Fuel, we offer timely and hassle-free commercial fuel delivery to meet your immediate and ongoing fuel needs.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of fuel delivery services, from your generators to fleets like boats, trucks, and cars. Take a look at our notable services below.

Bulk Fuel Delivery

Are you a business that cannot afford even the shortest downtime? Tec Fuel is just the reliable bulk fuel delivery partner you need. We can provide 500 to 2,000 gallons of off-road, gasoline, and regular diesel via bulk tanks.
Besides reefers and generators, our services are also available for large storage tanks and locomotives. We also provide diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) in 55-gallon barrels or 330 fallen totes, depending on your needs.
The best part? You don't have to bring your equipment to us. Instead, we come to you.

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Generator Refueling Service

Generators are a must-have for some businesses, especially those operating in remote areas or during emergencies. To avoid downtime during periods of natural disasters or emergency outages, it's crucial to ensure your generators are filled to the brim.
Tec Fuel provides ongoing and emergency generator refueling services to agricultural, construction, hospitality, and other industries. You can count on us to meet your fuel needs, regardless of the day and time.

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Fleet Fueling

On-site fleet fueling is imperative for transport companies and delivery vehicles. The agricultural and construction industries also require fleet fueling to ensure a consistent fuel flow to their equipment.
With Tec Fuel's on-site fleet fueling services, you can enjoy the following:
• No-Worry Delivery: Fuel spills and fires are a significant hazard in off-site fueling. But since we bring our specialized tanks to your location and fill your fleet for you, there's no such risk.
• Customization: We have various tank sizes ready to meet your needs. Our tanks also have hoses, nozzles, and similar supplies to facilitate fueling.

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Why Tec Fuel?

While Tec Fuel isn't the country's only commercial fuel delivery service, we are undoubtedly the most reliable option for businesses with urgent fuel needs. Here's why you should opt for our services.

Multiple Tank Types

We have all sorts of tanks to accommodate your fleet and generators. Our trucks are outfitted to deliver off-road diesel, on-road diesel, diesel exhaust fluid, and gasoline.
We can cater to different types of fleets, such as trucks and vans. Likewise, we offer fueling services for equipment in the construction, agriculture, and transportation sectors.

Emergency Delivery

Besides continuous fuel delivery, we also offer emergency bulk fuel delivery. If you've received reports of an upcoming natural disaster, let us know beforehand so we can fill up your generators.

Detailed Invoices

We understand that fuel is a significant expense for fuel-reliant businesses. That's why we give you detailed invoices that you can later use for audits.

Ongoing Delivery

Does your business have regular fueling needs? Create a delivery schedule with us to eliminate the menial tasks of calling and scheduling deliveries whenever you need fuel.
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Industries We Serve

Our commercial fuel delivery services are open to any industry that needs fuel for everyday use or emergencies. Some of these industries include:
• Hospitality - hotels and restaurants
• Construction sites
• Commercial waste collection companies
• Agriculture- farm and ranch machinery
• Transportation - commercial vehicles, buses, etc.
• Emergency services - police, fire, and ambulance
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Diesel Delivery

Areas We Serve

Our focus service areas are in the Midwest, including Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio. However, we are happy to offer our services to the surrounding states when requested. Check our location page or call us to learn more about our service areas.
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Your Commercial Fuel Delivery Partner

When it comes to exceptional service and timely delivery, Tec Fuel takes the crown. We ensure your fueling needs are always fulfilled so you never experience downtime and monetary losses.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Be There For Delivery?

We do not require clients to be there for commercial fuel delivery. Most of our clients prefer getting bulk fuel delivery during night hours when their worksite is not busy.

How Do I Schedule Fleet Fueling?

Whenever you need fuel, call us. We'll be there with hour trucks. Or, you can schedule fuel delivery intervals, and we'll come on your desired days for delivery.

Which Services Do You Offer For Generator Refueling?

Our generator refueling service includes ongoing and emergency on-site fueling. We can also install sensors on your generators to detect low fuel levels. They can help you always stay on top of your fuel requirements.

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