Refrigerator Trailer Refueling Services

There's no room for delays and errors when it comes to reefer refueling. Tec Fuel has got you covered.
It's about time you bid farewell to retail at the pump. Instead, contact us to create an ongoing refueling schedule for your refrigerators. We partner with special event caterers, restaurants, grocery stores, and hotels to provide trailer refueling services at competitive prices.

Who We Serve

Our trail refueling services are available to all businesses that might need reefer fuel. Whether you want to create an emergency backup plan or need fuel for the upcoming holiday season, we can do it all. The following businesses benefit most from our reefer fuel delivery.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores cannot have a power shutdown for an even hour since that means the perishable items will go to waste. With our reefer fuel delivery, you can have enough on-site emergency fuel to keep you going through any unexpected electrical outages.
Besides your refrigerators, we also fill up generators to keep the power running in stores through a natural disaster.


The USDA says that a refrigerator without power can only keep the food healthy for consumption for up to four hours. After that, the perishable items may be moved to an ice-filled cooler, eaten immediately, or thrown away.
Restaurants cannot afford to do any of this. Instead, they need emergency trailer refueling services to survive. Tec Fuel provides its customers in the hospitality industry with timely fueling services to prevent monetary and reputational damage.


Temperature-sensitive drugs risk going bad or losing their efficacy due to inconsistent temperatures. At Tec Fuel, we ensure a consistent supply of reefer fuel to ensure 100% uptime for your business.
Did your local authorities issue a hurricane or storm warning? Let us know, and we'll fill up your reefers and generators to keep you functional through adverse times.

Special Events

Are you an event organizer who puts together sporting events, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, etc? Tec Fuel can meet your reefer fuel needs by providing on-site fuel delivery. With our generator and reefer refueling services, keep your freezers running for hours on end.

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Why Tec Fuel?

Here's why Tec Fuel's trailer refueling services have become the go-to solution for food-related businesses across the nation.

No Contract

While we offer ongoing fueling services, we don't require you to have a contract to avail of our service. We offer the same level of professionalism and quality even when meeting your one-time needs.

24/7 Service

Our emergency services are available round the clock. We understand that emergencies don't strike with a warning. So, we're always prepared to take you out of your refrigeration crisis.
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Trailer Refueling Services

On-Site Fueling

You do not have to bring your reefers or generators to us for refueling. Instead, our trucks come to your location. Since we have a large fleet of refueling tanks, we can provide up to 500 gallons of diesel for your urgent needs.
You can schedule deliveries for the time that suits you best. If you want us to come fill your generators and reefers when you're not around, we can do that too.

Fuel Types

We offer off-road, on-road, and exhaust fuel diesel. Our fuel meets the highest quality standards. Plus, it is regularly tested for purity and other parameters.

Areas We Serve

We service the food and hospitality industry all across the Midwest. Check out our location page for more. 
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Trailer Refueling Services
Trailer Refueling Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Provide Invoices For Your Services?

Yes, we give you detailed invoices for every delivery so that you can track your expenditure transparently.

How Often Can You Refuel Our Reefers?

The frequency of refueling will depend on your needs. If you operate in a remote area and want weekly refueling for your refrigerators and generators, we can cater to you too. 

How Does Your Pricing Work?

Our pricing differs with the fueling frequency. The more you use our fueling service, the lower our fees will be. You can set up a delivery schedule with us for ongoing fueling and lower rates. 

How Can I Learn More About Reefer Refueling?

Check our website to learn about our refueling services. Or, give us a call to ask specific questions or schedule a delivery.

Your One-Stop For Trailer Refueling Services

Whether you host large-scale outdoor events or have a food business that needs 24/7/365 refrigeration, Tec Fuel is the best partner for your reefer fuel needs. Request a one-time fueling to try out our service or create a regular delivery plan with us. The latter gives you discounted rates.
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