Direct To Locomotive Fueling

Tec Fuel works with the largest rail companies in the US to offer direct-to-locomotive fueling for emergency and routine operations. Working 24/7, we offer train fueling services at every hour of the day.

How Does Train Fueling Services 

Besides train fueling, we also fill up your other equipment with diesel, including:
• Engines and motorized equipment
• Rail cars
• Drilling rigs
• Loaders and shovels
Owing to our long-term industry expertise and top-notch reputation, you can count on us for your locomotive fueling needs, irrespective of the day, time, or month.

Our Off Road Fueling Solutions Fit Every Industry for Every Operation

Fuel needs are inevitable, and when you're at a different spot every day it get's hard to keep track of your fuel sources. We provide diesel delivery to your location whenever you need it. Besides pumping the fuel directly into your equipment, we can also pump it into locomotive directly - whatever is most convenient for you. We understand that downtime in a commercial operation can be quite costly for a business, so we work hard to get you the fuel you need when you need it. Our fuel delivery is consistent, timely, and reliable. You won't be disappointed to choose us as your fueling partners for off road fuel delivery across the nation.
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locomotive fueling services

Why TecFuel?

Why not? In our experience as a locomotive refueling service, we have learned that velocity is crucial to railroad operations. Even a few hours of downtime can disrupt railroad flow, resulting in monetary damages and passenger dissatisfaction.
That's why all it takes is a call from you for us to send fuel-filled trucks to your railroad location. We have a variety of fuel tanks to accommodate railroad operations of every scale and size. Here's why choosing us as your train fueling partner benefits your business

No-Hassle Delivery

Relying on us for locomotive fueling means ensuring ultimate peace of mind. We do not bombard you with heaps of paperwork or long call waiting times. Instead, we're prepared 24/7 to refuel your rails and other railroad locomotives.
For even better and more swift deliveries, you can partner with us for regular fueling. With our ongoing fuel delivery service, you just have to create a fueling schedule and leave the rest to us.

Easy Audits

We offer detailed and clear invoices that you can later use to gather insights into your fueling needs. Our invoices help you conduct audits, knowing where your money goes.

Credit Cards Accepted

We accept major credit and fuel cards, making it easy for you to pay for refueling services. You can also set up an ongoing schedule with us for cheaper locomotive fueling because our costs decrease with the frequency of refueling.

Emergency Refueling

As mentioned, we are always available. Even if your locomotives run out of fuel at an odd nightly hour, give us a call, and we'll come to refuel them to be ready to set off in the morning. Our swift service reduces downtime, ensuring your rails follow their daily schedule without a hitch.

Multiple Fuel Types

At Tec Fuel, we bring the following types of fuels to your location:
• Diesel exhaust fuel
• Off-road diesel
• On-road diesel
Simply let us know which fuel you need, and we'll fill up your rails and other equipment with it accordingly. Want to know the best part? You don't even have to be on-site for delivery. We'll deliver the fuel when your workforce is not around to avoid any disruption or confusion.

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Areas We Serve

Our main areas of service are the Midwestern states, including Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. But our services can extend to other areas too. Check out our location page, or get in touch with us to determine if we deliver fuel to your area.
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direct to locomotive fueling
direct to locomotive fueling

Keep Your Locomotives Fueled

When you have a dedicated locomotive fueling partner by your side, you'll notice a lot of changes. First, you'll experience lower costs since we offer lower rates to clients that use our services frequently. Contact us for ongoing fuel delivery. 
Second, you can decrease your downtime to save time and costs. Plus, Tec Fuel's services are easy to track and auditable, allowing you to review our transactions and ensure there are no discrepancies or fuel mix-ups.
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On site fuel delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can You Deliver Fuel to Trains?

That's for you to decide. We are always ready for on-site fueling. Just convey the time and day, and our trucks will be at your railroads on schedule. We also provide emergency fueling services to help you prepare for an upcoming power outage or natural disaster. 

Which Tanks Do You Use For Locomotive Fueling?

We use specialized tanks designed to fit the locomotive fuel requirements. Our tanks are well maintained and comply with all standards. Depending on your fuel needs, we can provide up to 500 gallons of diesel in one go.

Can You Refuel Generators?

Yes, we provide emergency and ongoing refueling services for on-site generators too. Let us know which type of diesel your generators use, and we will deliver your desired quantity to your location. 

How Can I Get Services For My Unique Train Fueling Needs?

If you have a query that you're unable to get an answer to from our website, you can call us. Let us know your unique needs, and we will provide a locomotive fueling solution to meet your requirements.

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