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When it comes to the best fuel delivery service, you can rely on Tec-Fuel 110%

Our Fuel Delivery service Gets You Whatever Fuel Type You Need To Your Fleet or job-site

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Whether you need dyed diesel, on-site, gasoline, or DEF, we have it and can get it to you fast. We offer off-road diesel fuel, the same as on-road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), but it is free of state and federal road taxes. On-site fuel delivery is also available for construction sites, direct to equipment or fuel tank needs. You can also rely on us if you have DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) needs, which are becoming an in-demand necessity for your fleet. We can also provide gasoline products straight to your tank, wet hosing equipment, or job site. 

Whatever fuel type you desire, our fleet of delivery vehicles can get it to you, anytime you need it, wherever you are in the west coast.
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Diesel Delivery

Our Diesel Fuel Services Can Handle Any industry

Commercial Diesel Fuel Services

Whatever industry you are in, you can make sure we can provide top-class service. We have years of experience in the fuel industry, so if you need diesel directly into your fuel tank then we can help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can fill up your construction equipment regardless of the tank size. Our EPA compliance is 100% certified, and our experts can ensure that we accurately deliver quality diesel. Some of the industries we serve are the following:
on site diesel delivery


mobile fueling


bulk fuel delivery


fleet fueling services


Landscaping fuel delivery


reefer fuel delivery


Fuel Management & Diesel Delivery Services 

On-Site Fueling

When it comes to on-site fueling, you can count on our fast and reliable delivery service. Our experts can go directly to your site and fill up your vehicle, equipment, reefer trucks, tanks, or generators. Working with us you'll have lower costs and wear and tear from going to gas stations, resulting in increased efficiency, as well as additional profit.

Fleet Fueling

Keep your fleets ready and running with our fleet fueling solutions. We provide the products your fleet needs -- from diesel, unleaded to DEF. We can bring it to you directly to your vehicle. With this service, you can save time and money, as you avoid traveling to pump stations. Plus, you can make sure you will receive the top products of the best quality.

Generator Fueling

Keep your generators filled up and your business operational 24/7/365. Never let uncontrollable factors like hurricanes, typhoons, or any catastrophe, which can cause power outages, put your business at risk. Make sure you keep your business running by putting your equipment on our generator refueling service.

Bulk Fueling

Tec Fuel offers the best bulk fuel delivery on the west coast that is reliable, fast, and accurate. We can fill up any size of bulk or storage tank. We take pride in our service that is not only timely but also comes in competitive pricing.

Emergency Fueling

Especially on the west coast, businesses are at most risk of power outages. Don’t let the uncontrollable control the future of your business. With Tec-Fuel’s emergency fuel service, you can make sure we can take of your needs whether there’s a typhoon, hurricane, or any other catastrophes that can result in power outages. Our reliable emergency response team can ensure your business stays 100% operational at all times.
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Diesel Delivery

Call us -  we're experts at  delivering fuel so Your Generator Is NEVER Low

Keep your business running despite power outages; let us keep your generators filled up at all times. You can depend on Tec-Fuel for diesel fuel delivery services. Plus, we offer sensors to detect if your generator is running low on gas, diesel, or fuel. We know how crucial it is to keep your business operational 24/7. If your facilities depend on generators, you must make sure your equipment has the diesel fuel it needs. Anytime you need generator fuel, give us a call. We provide service to keep your generators running and your business ongoing even if the weather is not working on your side.
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Keep your fleets full with our
mobile fuel service

With Tec Fuel’s Mobile Fuel Service, you won’t have to pay retail and waste time going to pump stations. We will bring the fuel to you. Schedule with us the delivery of your fuel and keep your fleets filled up. Our fleet fueling solutions can help you save money on labor, reduce liabilities, save time, result in organized spending and better productivity. Whether you need fuel, diesel, gas, or DEF, we can bring it directly to your fleet.

Easy Audits with Tec-Fuel

Our fueling solutions come with audits that are accurate and easy to read. Tec-Fuel’s detailed invoices can help you get a clear reflection of your fuel expenses. With this feature, you will know exactly where your money goes and how much you spend on fuel, gas, diesel, or DEF. With Tec-Fuel’s easy audits, managing fuel is never easy!
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Diesel Delivery

Learn More About Our Diesel Fuel Delivery Services Now and Begin Getting the Most of Your Business Profits.

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On site fuel delivery

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Full-service Quality Fuel Delivery 

Here's a roundup of frequently asked questions to give you an idea of how we operate.

How does the pricing work?

Our pricing is based on the frequency of fueling. The more often you need us to fuel your vehicles, the lower the delivery fee will be. Besides one-time fuel delivery, we also offer ongoing mobile fueling. You can set the schedule with us once, and we'll take it from there. 

Do I have to be there for the delivery?

No, you don't have to be there for the delivery. In fact, most of our customers choose to have their fuel delivered while they're not working during the night. That way, they can save time and money with diesel delivery services!

Where do you offer mobile fleet fueling?

We offer fuel delivery services to businesses located in any state on the west coast. If you're uncertain whether you fall in our service area or not, check our location page OR contact us to find out.

What type of tanks do you have?

We have a variety of tanks that can accommodate any vehicle or size business. Our trucks are typically outfitted to deliver any type of diesel or gasoline.

What kind of fleets do you cater to?

Our fuel delivery company offers custom solutions for west coast businesses who need diesel, gasoline, or DEF delivered directly to their equipment/trucks, into bulk tanks, or into generators. We accommodate a variety of fleets, such as vans, trucks, and other vehicles operational for service companies or delivery companies. We also service equipment for industries such as construction, transportation, and agriculture.

How do I know if you offer fuel
delivery services for my industry?

If you're not sure whether or not we offer mobile fleet fueling for your industry, just give us a call.

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